How could a phone call change my plan for my career and life? I found myself writing the word ‘cancer’ on a slip of paper sitting next to my boss in a taxi while on a business trip…

What did I do next?

What I didn’t do is accept the grim diagnosis I faced, or seek the recommended treatment from the doctor that believed I wouldn’t survive. Instead, I found a way to win. I surrounded myself with people who believed I could live and who stood beside me through each treatment. I prayed hard, and began to think about what I wanted to do next. How could I turn an unpleasant season of life into something that would help others?

I searched for career options that challenged both my brain and my heart. Once I was healed I started living a life towards that new career path. One where I could set my own schedule to spend more valuable time with my friends and family, and give back to others.

How Can I help you?

Cancer was a defining moment in my life that changed my perspective, although I don’t let it define who I am. Everyone has a moment in their life when they question the path they are on. What was your defining moment?

Through leadership training and certification, I’ve been able to grow my business and lead other women in the development of their desired path.

I strongly believe that my experience is the solution you have been looking for to help you discover your path, and create the steps necessary to get there.

  • John Maxwell Coaching Certification Training – 2012
  • Personal Fashion Stylist – 2007- present
  • 60 hours Annual Continuing Education in Leadership – 2012 – present


"Nicki is a woman of faith, fearlessness and focus."

- Beth Jones Schall

"Her leadership skills have helped me grow my business tremendously, I have a strong team of 9 and strong customer retention..."

-Fay Hamdan

"As a busy working mom I rely on my trusted friend, Nicki Davis, and her incredible eye for fashion to help dress me for my work and social life. "

-Kat Armstrong

"Working with Nicki Davis makes me feel like a star!! "

-Laurie Aylor


I dedicate a portion of my time and expertise to giving back to my favorite charities. Thank you for helping me to add more charities to this list! By working with me, you are helping me help them!

I’m dedicated to volunteering with Polished, an organization that connects and supports young professional women. A portion of each coaching package is donated to this organization.