My name is Travis Yarbrough, and after spending years in the military I know firsthand that it’s not what you’re given which leads to how strong or fit you are, it’s your mental toughness, and your willpower to never give up or surrender.

That means that no matter your age, your experience, or any difficulty you’ve had in the past, it’s always possible to begin reaching your goals, and smashing through the obstacles which stand in your way.

I began my own quest for strength, fitness and self-improvement as a teenager. But it was years later through my military service when I was able to combine the basic fundamentals of fitness with the unmatched drive and dedication required to succeed at the highest levels.

Now, I’m ready to give back, and help others on their own quests for weight loss, strength, performance and self-improvement.

The truth is that there’s no shortcut, and there’s no easy way out. You must be committed, you must work hard, and you must stay on track. I’ll show you how to do all of that and more, and when combined with our proven system for maximizing performance, building explosive muscle mass and strength, and torching away fat, you’ll reach your personal best and achieve your fitness goals.


"Nicki is a woman of faith, fearlessness and focus."

- Beth Jones Schall

"Her leadership skills have helped me grow my business tremendously, I have a strong team of 9 and strong customer retention..."

-Fay Hamdan

"As a busy working mom I rely on my trusted friend, Nicki Davis, and her incredible eye for fashion to help dress me for my work and social life. "

-Kat Armstrong

"Working with Nicki Davis makes me feel like a star!! "

-Laurie Aylor


I dedicate a portion of my time and expertise to giving back to my favorite charities. Thank you for helping me to add more charities to this list! By working with me, you are helping me help them!

I’m dedicated to volunteering with Polished, an organization that connects and supports young professional women. A portion of each coaching package is donated to this organization.