I used to find it hard to stay true to me.

I often felt as if I was living a life of someone else. I mean, it was me, of course, waking up each day but I was wearing a mask and clothes that matched the career I fell into…not what I felt called to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great career and one of which I am thankful for, without it, I would not know people who have seriously impacted my life for the better as well as challenged me to do more. However, the pursuit of something greater was burning inside of me and I knew someone was waiting for me to step out in obedience.

I had to take off the mask and get out of the clothes that made me feel stressed and caused my heart to race a mile a minute. Was it hard? Absolutely it was. I was spoiled to the lifestyle we created based on the income we made and my income was a significant portion of it…however, what is money in the long run? Being financially comfortable is great, but my treasure isn’t purchased with money nor is the lives of those around me. I was ready to live life and not just be a person in a mask. I wanted to make a difference, serve others and meet them in the trenches. So, I stepped out…one year ago.  I left the life others thought I should live. The career others said I was crazy to leave and I’ve never been happier.

Why do we live a life others think we should live?  Why not live a life that is an accurate reflection of the person living it?

Today, my life represents me. I am a color outside of the box person. I hold true to my values, beliefs, and strengths and say “No” to anything that doesn’t align with me.  I read the Bible, I love Jesus, southern rock music, peanut butter M&M’s, & Patron Silver Tequila (not with the M&Ms of course). My husband is my rock and he spoils me..he knows he does it and I do too, but we are happy. He encourages me when I have BIG ideas and I have some BIG ones. My friends and family light me up, and you will find me spending my time with them when I am not working with my clients. I dress for me and sometimes that is all dolled up, or a bit “Edgy,” or more “conservative.” Whatever it is, I am me 100%, and life has never been better.

What wakes you up at night? Do you spend your time thinking of something more?  If so, we should talk. As a Style and Leadership Coach, I guide women to reach their highest potential. I invite you to Discover more here.


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