Summer is my favorite time of year.

Collin was born on the 4th of July, my birthday is in August and it seems most of my closest friends have a birthday in August too. We spend our time water skiing, enjoying Ryan’s BBQ and cooking with friends and family at our home. I love watching my boys wakeboard..someday maybe I will attempt that too!


Summer fashion is simple for me. Cropped jeans, t-shirts or long tanks are my go-to pieces all summer long.  White jeans are my absolute favorite thing to wear.  There is something about white that is simple, clean and elegant. I know many of my clients run like Forrest from a pair of white jeans…but I encourage you to try a pair on this summer.

According to fashion experts, the top trends this summer will include: printed shorts, backless dresses, crop tops, and Orange! Since my family bleeds Crimson (due to our Boomer Sooner roots) I’ll be skipping the orange hues. Honestly, the thought of a backless dress and crop top make me cringe too.

I’ve adopted this motto and I’ll be sticking with it this summer, “Be yourself and you will always be in fashion”. ~ Carol Anderson

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?


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