Wouldn’t you agree with me that denim is a fashion staple and a universal trend throughout each season? You know you are thinking of your favorite pair of jeans right now…whether it is Jordache from the 80’s, Guess from the 90’s, or the iconic Levi’s, we all have our favorite pair of jeans to make our booty look fabulous, and isn’t that what we want, a fabulous lookin’ booty?!

I am a woman who loves jeans! In fact, most days you will find me in jeans and a T-shirt. I love jeans because they fit my personality. I can be edgy, conservative, casual, trendy, or a mom on the go in the same pair of jeans. I can go from carpool to date-night in a flash, and I promise you I do this as much as I can…because let me tell you, I need as many date nights as I can have! Enough about jeans…

You are the staple in your life just as jeans are the staple in my closet.  What is the staple in your closet? Why do you hold on to it? Does it make you feel comfortable? Do you hope for something more? Is it going to carry you through the next season of your life?

I wear jeans in the summer because I love the flexibility denim provides me.  As a working mother with a thriving business, I want to be able to meet clients throughout the day, pick up my boys from summer camp or meet my husband for a surprise date night in the evening. Denim works for my lifestyle because it is forgiving and comfortable. I can go from momma to “oh, momma” in the same pair of jeans and I feel true to who I am.

What allows you to be true to who you are in the current season of your life? What is in your life that is as steadfast as your favorite pair of jeans? Is this something that will carry you through season after season? Can you wear this proudly in this upcoming season of your life? If not, I am here for you as your Style and Leadership Coach. Schedule your Discovery Call here.


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